We are curators of pre-loved vintage and modern clothing, accessories, and decor from around Australia and the world. Recycled fashion, upcycling items, encouraging reuse, and repurpose.

We are an artist collective platform in motion built in a retro caravan that was renovated by our own hands and convertible into an ethical and sustainable shop. An inclusive space that indulges all senses, offering an interactive experience, inspiring a circular economy, nurturing environmental awareness, aiming equality, and to be always supporting a cause

Born from a visionary dream, we aim to inspire people to be who they are, acknowledging the essence through self-expression by transforming the energy from the feelings and the core into another form as we believe that the connection to our values is intrinsic to live life to the fullest and to honour the ultimate authentic self.​

Mariana Costa is the founder, mind and heart of We Are Um.

A love project that progressed each day out of 365, with a touch of helpful hands, creative minds and compassionate souls.